De Nachtraad is er voor iedereen die een connectie heeft met de (Groningse) nacht. Daarom geeft de Nachtraad graag het woord aan anderen.

Dit doet de Nachtraad onder andere door mensen met interessante opvattingen en kennis de kans te geven om deze te delen via het Nachtraad blog.

Op deze pagina vind je de blogs over allerlei nachtelijke onderwerpen.

Choosing to change for a better and safer city

Imagine that you do not feel safe in your local grocery store, city or even your home. Sounds awful right?

Unfortunately this is the harsh reality of the tens of thousands of people who become victims of sexual assault in The Netherlands each year alone. That’s why we want to inspire you to choose to change!

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Groningen: a sustainable city

When I first set foot in Groningen I was surprised for good when I noticed how clean the city streets were. Coming from a country that has struggled to promote the importance of maintaining public spaces clean and organized, I was so happy to be living in a place that seemed to be the equivalent of a sustainable city.

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Seeing our favorite colors

Welcome back everybody and for those of you who are here for the first time, thank you for stopping by. I hope the following piece will be to your liking and remind you of some of the bright colors that you all can bring to your new living spaces.

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